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High Impact Grant Programs: It all starts with one woman.

WWIN believes that a woman has the wisdom and freedom to make her own choices and design her own future. Given the opportunity, every woman can inspire positive change for herself, her family, and her community. We make financial grants to women in Washington State who are ready for transformational change in two categories: Education and Health Care.

  • Star Scholarships remove a financial barrier to students seeking higher education at accredited Washington colleges and universities.
  • Health Care Grants ensure access to health care services with a one-time Grant that they may use with the health care provider of their choice.

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Always give back. Never give up.

There is a star in each of us. WWIN wants to let it shine. It was 25 years ago that Julia Love Pritt started a movement that has positively impacted the lives of over 6,000 women across our state, not to mention their families and communities. For so many, stories of struggle have been replaced by stories of hope, gratitude, courage and dreams fulfilled. This year, we celebrate a quarter century of inspiring women.

Julia’s Legacy

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Star Story: Tessa

Pursuing My Dreams


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Female-headed households w/
children in WA living in poverty


Washington women living below
the federal poverty line


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Amount of grantees first in their family to go to college


Average GPA of grantees pursuing higher education

Deep down inside we know where we belong, and we know that we have worth, and you need to just keep listening to that voice, because there is a path for you.- Melissa, WWIN grantee

Star Story: Melissa

Building a Path In Life


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WWIN Star Scholars Application Now Open!

Spring Education Scholarship Opening WWIN’s Annual Spring Education Scholarship Application cycle is now open. Please help us spread the word, and share this empowering opportunity with your pe
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Be part of a life-changing experience

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