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8:30 – 9:00 Breakfast
9:00 – 9:30 Opening Keynote: Playing Big by Tara Mohr
9:45 – 10:30 Workshop 1 or Activation Center
10:45 – 11:30 Workshop 2 or Activation Center
11:00 – 12:00 Pre-Luncheon Social
12:00 – 1:00 WWIN Inspiring Women Luncheon in the Ballroom
1:15 – 2:00 Workshop 3 or Activation Center
2:15 – 4:00 Mentoring / Networking / Happy Hour
4:00 Close


Quieting Your Inner Critic So You Can Play Big

Presented by Gretchen Remmers and Tara Mohr’s Playing Big

From the wisdom of Tara Mohr’s pioneering Playing Big model, learn and experiment with two practical tools to use in the moment when self-doubt arises – so it doesn’t hold you back.

Personal Branding Workshop

Presented by Mel Carson and Delightful Communications

Discoverable, Shareable, and Memorable. How to tell a Better Story About You!

Tapping into Your Inner Wisdom

Presented by Gretchen Remmers and Tara Mohr’s Playing Big

Experience the delight of connecting with your own unique wisdom and learn a tool to consistently and reliably access that clarity whenever you need it.

We All Have a Ted Talk Within Us

Presented by Erin Loman Jeck

We have struggled and made it through to the other side of our problems, yet we suffer in silence. Why are women discounting the trials and tribulations that they have experienced as wisdom to be passed along to others?  We are hiding our stories because we are afraid to be judged, criticized, and rejected. Because of our fear,  we don’t openly share – even when others could learn from our experiences.  Gain the confidence to tell your story. You have a TedX talk within you!

Taking up Space: Civic and Community Leadership

Presented by Jeff Carter with the Seattle City Club: Featuring Andrea Caupain, CEO of Byrd Barr Place, and LaTashia Treise, Senior Program Manager of Leadership Development of Seattle Works

How can you have a voice in your community? Where do you even start?  Hear from inspirational leaders about how you can “take up space” in civic and political life and make a difference in your community.


Fear and Belonging

Presented by Judy Lee Photography & Asha Blooms

Why do we hold ourselves back? Of what are we so afraid? If we think about the root of fear, what we fear most is judgment and rejection. We are, ultimately, afraid of not belonging so you can give yourself permission to play big and lean into your fears.

Explore Your Money Mindset

Presented by Rachel Brooks and Sylvia Raskin with The Prosperity Agenda

Everyone has questions about money. You don’t have to be a financial expert to to have critical conversations about your money goals, values, and identity. We’ll use Money Mindset Cards to set financial goals based on deep purpose, increase social connection, and feel in control of your financial life.

Unpacking Gender Communication Lines: How to be Seen and Heard in a Male-Dominated World

Presented by Erin Loman Jeck

Stop apologizing for being you! Be seen, heard, and taken seriously. There are subtle differences in the way men and women communicate, and Erin Loman Jeck is an expert in teaching women how to be confident and bold and to lead with feminine power!

How to Say No and Feel Good About It

Presented by Jennifer Malocha and Wuhoo Coaching

What is a boundary, and what are the components of a healthy boundary? This workshop will help you understand the power of staying in your own “sandbox”, how to determine what is and what isn’t your responsibility, as well as how to create breathing space that will allow you to choose a course of action rather than simply reacting to a situation. Jennifer will encourage you to fully embrace your personal power unapologetically — physically, emotionally, personally and professionally – and to create a red velvet rope policy for your life!


Activation Center

Show up in the world with intention! The Activation Center is your opportunity to engage with experts to learn all about your personal brand. Strengthen your resume, LinkedIn profile, brand story or elevator pitch so you can stand out. Dress to express the unique you. Get an updated headshot for your online profiles. Become an empowered self-advocate, influential role model and ally for other women when you show up at the top of your game. When you leave, you will be prepared to present your most authentic and confident self to the world and have a powerful voice in your community!

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